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One Man

Eureka offers new, computerized labs. Secure client Internet access to real-time gas, sample photos and rig data. We utilize the WellSight® systems mud log program to produce detailed 5" logs. We provide 2" or 1" strip logs. We specialize in both Horizontal and Vertical mapping.


Dual system infrared /platinum bead continuous gas monitoring equipment specifically designed to self-calibrate.


Digital microscopes, fluoroscopes, detailed daily reports and log emails, via Internet from the convenience of our logging units. Of course, we provide on-site monitoring during zones of interest or shows. Notification of gas or sample changes as well as daily reports and any additional information requested by the company supervisor.


Two Man

Our comfortable field labs offer an office environment in combination with a kitchen and bathroom for convenience, enabling loggers to provide dedicated round the clock service.


Expanded One Man

24/7 on-site residence in our labs providing clients with updates as needed. Multiple daily reports, cell phone contact, on-site problem solving or special instruction analysis for wells that do not require the supervision of 2 man service.



Remote gas and ROP analysis. WellSight® logs offering detailed accumulated data. 24/7 technical support for each remote unit. Convenient, secure online access to your well!


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